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imageIs there a way to locally find out past IP addresses used by a smartphone? For example, if someone has physical access to a smartphone and wants to find out its past IP addresses, can they find it out .

There are many other bet types that you can place as well, such as number sets like the 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12 which each give out a payment of 36:12 or a 3x multiplier on your money when you guess correctly and get a little bit lucky. On the flip side, you can have a payout as large as 36:1 by placing a bet on a single number but you’ll only have a 2.7% chance to win such a big pay day. As is the case with all of these bets, you can think of them more broadly as a 36:X payout based on the number of numbers that you have selected. The overall range of wins possible on a roulette wheel could be as small as 36:35 which will give you a roughly 2.85% multiplier on your total money put down, which will have you winning around 94.6% of the time. Meanwhile you can stand to win a larger payout by giving yourself a small chance to win. The more likely the payout, the smaller the multiplier.

imageI think the Book of Revelation (aka Revolution) is taking shape right before your eyes. The 5 English Speaking Nations (aka 5 eyes) will be enslaved by the above 4 because of their massive debt, and their sins, and false wars committed by same, and God (if he’s not stones from smoking a joint) will punish them for same. The prophesized King of the North will be – Russia (aka Rosh), and the King of the South will be – Iran (aka or formerly Persia), the King of the East will be China (aka Chine) and finally the King of the West will be the French or German led 10 nation European Federation (formerly EU & NATO) which will rule the world in the foreseeable future.

The WW2 Nazi war crimes were a hoax, as are the Russian crimes today. Germany had the highest living standard in the world in the late 1930’s and threw off the yoke of Globalist banking, for that they were crucified, just as they are doing to Putin today. The western leaders need to be tried under Nuremberg II, they will all hang. This is 1939 all over again.

By placing your betting pieces on any number, if the roulette ball lands on the lucky number that you have chosen, you will get a monstrous 36:1 payout. Which is the same thing as placing betting pieces on all black squares giving you a 36:18 payout or crypto a 2x payout for guessing the lucky color in this case, correctly. With the rest of Roulette, there are many fancier bets that you can place that are all simply derivatives of that same style of bet we just mentioned. One of the most common types of bets for European Roulette are the red or black bet.

Recently many companies have begun to deal in and recognise digital currencies, including bitcoin and others. I want to know the ruling on investing in bitcoin, but I am hesitant because I do not know the Islamic ruling on this matter. What is the Islamic ruling on that?

There is a subtle difference here, but in the final analysis, it lies in whether the bridging contract on the main chain can enforce the validity of transactions on the independent network, or it can only rely on a group of trusted participants to express these The transaction is valid.

If you use Shannon's entropy as an indicator to distinguish between encrypted and legitimate files, then it will be difficult to make a distinction between encrypted and compressed files, as both have .

To be precise, it is the difference in the trust assumption that protects user funds. Side chains (such as Polygon) and Rollup (such as Optimism and btc Arbitrum) are independent blockchain networks, and they have their own block producers and smart contract operating environment. The key difference between them is the bridging contract that locks funds.

These three projects are brand new blockchain networks. The key is that they also improve the ease of use of Ethereum, because the assets that users originally put on Ethereum can also be used in these networks. Compared with Ethereum, they provide lower transaction fees and faster transaction confirmation speed.

Such a network must continue to provide proof to the bridge contract, proving that all processed transactions are valid and that the network has not been compromised. For example, on Arbitrum, the cost of a currency swap is 1,600 gas, while on the Ethereum mainnet, 120,000 gas is required. Rollup has an ongoing cost. However, in the medium term, it can still significantly reduce user transaction costs. This needs to consume Ethereum’s resources and also affects its scalability.

The Liquid network and RSK blockchain are implemented by a multi-organization bridge, because a group of pre-designated participants has the right to transfer assets from one chain to another chain (with multi-signatures to express permission). Polygon is a cryptographic economic bridge, because it relies on a majority of equity greater than (2/3) to designate verifiers, and then verifiers regularly submit network status checkpoints to the bridge contract (and this checkpoint can be used to authorize users to withdraw money) ). For example, W BTC is a single-organization bridge because BTC is hosted by BitGo.

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